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Francis X. Sloan AIA
Residential and Commercial Architectural Design Services
Residential and Commercial Architectural Design Services
A small architectural firm specializing in high end, personalized, contemporary residential and commercial design, combining traditional thinking and modern technology with over 30 years experience creating unique architectural solutions. this practice emphasizes intense client  understanding and thorough concept exploration through the use of hand rendered sketches, computer modeling & digital enhancement.

Finished projects are highly creative, with dramatic use of materials and technology. complete services offered to include client requirements, site evaluation, building design, construction observation and interior design.
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        Francis X. Sloan, AIA
Paradise Hills Corporate Center
       Suite 203
       Carlton Rd
Paradise Valley, PA 18570
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 396
Cresco, PA 18326

Phone: 610-297-1456
Fax: 866-485-3204

Outstanding Sites